Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016session

What is Python?

This is an introduction to Python, covering its background, syntax/constructs, use cases & examples. What's this programming language all about, what can you do with it, & why would Disney, LucasFilm, Yelp, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google & YouTube use it?

About This Session

Python is an agile object-oriented programming language that continues to build momentum. It can do everything Java, C/C++/C#, Ruby, PHP, and Perl can do, but it's also fun & intuitive! Enjoy coding as fast as you think with a simple yet robust syntax that encourages group collaboration. It is known for several popular web frameworks, including Django (Python's equivalent to Ruby on Rails), Pyramid, and web2py. There is also Google App Engine, where Python was the first supported runtime. Users supporting Zope, Plone, Trac, and Mailman will also benefit from knowing some Python. Besides the Web, Python can do text processing (JSON, CSV, XML), databases (SQL, NoSQL), GUIs, data science/Big Data, math/numeric/scientific processing, Internet client/server systems & networking, GIS/ESRI, QA/test tools, automation frameworks, control Microsoft Office applications, and system administration tasks! On the education front, it's a great tool to teach programming with (especially those who have done Scratch or Tynker already) as well as a solid (first) language to learn for non-programmers and other technical staff. Finally, if Python doesn't do what you want, you can extend it in C/C++, Java, or C# (even VB.NET)! Have you noticed the huge growth in the number of jobs on Monster & Dice that list Python as a desired skill? Come find out why Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Cisco, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, LucasFilm/ILM, Pixar, NASA, Ubuntu, Bank of America, and Red Hat all use Python!


The Speaker(s)

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Wesley Chun

developer advocate , CyberWeb & Google

WESLEY CHUN is author of the "Core Python" books and an engineer & Developer Advocate at Google.