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PayPal Recruiting at Code Camp on Saturday   

Wed Oct 10 2018
By Peter Kellner
PayPal will have a team on site recruiting in the sponsor area at Silicon Valley Code Camp on Saturday.

Hi Code Campers,

PayPal, our event host has a bunch of open jobs that want to make sure everyone knows about.  To that end, they are manning a table in our sponsor area for 3 separate time periods on Saturday.
Make sure you at least stop by and say hi, and if you are interested in working for PayPal, talk to them.  They are an great company with an awesome reputation for treating their employees well.
Below are more details from.  Remember, if you want to be pre-screened, send a resume now to
Regards, -Peter Kellner, SV Code Camp Organizer 
Note From PayPal:
To: All Code Camp Attendees
Subject: Opportunities at PayPal
From: PayPal
Looking forward to hosting All Code Camp Attendees
To learn about some of the excellent opportunities within our tech teams in PayPal, do come by our table during these time slots:
  • 8:30am -9:30am
  • 11:30am-1:00pm
  • 2:15pm – 3:00pm.
We’d also like to invite you to send your résumé in advance for a pre-screen opportunity. This will allow us to save some time on the event days.  If you are interested in the pre-screen option, please send your résumé to
Not a requirement by any means – we’re thrilled to host and meet you there either way.
See you this weekend!
- PayPal Team
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