Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018

The Sessions

Silicon Valley Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for engaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.

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10 steps to build a strong Token based API Security
speaker:   Senthilkumar Gopal
Room: Town Square B Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
400 Billion Messages a Day with Kafka at Paypal
speakers:  MAULIN VASAVADA, Kevin Lu, Na Yang
Room: Town Square C Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
5 Ways sheCodesNow is changing Women’s Lives
speaker:   Alejandra Quetzalli
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
A Developer's Guide To Strategy
speaker:   Andrew Bellay
Room: Fireside D Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Accelerating Android Development with Google Jetpack
speaker:   Siamak Ashrafi
Room: Town Square A Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Advancing your Career through technical leadership skills
speaker:   Claudia Galvan
Room: Town Square A Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Android Device Drivers: Deep Dive into Android Kernel
speaker:   Pritam Roy
Room: Rendezvous Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Android Device Drivers: Getting Started
speaker:   Zafar Shahid
Room: Rendezvous Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Android Device Drivers: Implementing Android Binder.
speaker:   srinivas kocharlakota
Room: Rendezvous Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Are we there yet? A pragmatic look at quantum computing and Q# with Azure
speaker:   Eugene Chuvyrov
Room: Fireside B Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Ask the Expert: Q&A with Engineering Managers
speakers:  Ron Lichty, Mickey Mantle, Tammy Baker
Room: Town Square B Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Augmented Reality for the masses
speaker:   Siamak Ashrafi
Room: Town Square B Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Azure in the Enterprise - Governance & Organization
speaker:   Adwait Ullal
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Azure IoT Hub in action for developers
speaker:   Robin Shahan
Room: Rendezvous Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Big Data - the Biggest Fad of the Decade
speaker:   Ami Levin
Room: Rendezvous Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Brief history of JavaScript Modules
speaker:   Sungyeol Choi
Room: Round Table Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
C++ Web Servers and APIs
speaker:   Troy Miles
Room: Fireside A Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast - LIVE Recording!
speaker:   David Spark
Room: Town Square B Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Clean Architecture
speaker:   Craig Berntson
Room: Fireside C Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Common C++ Optimizations
speaker:   Jon Kalb
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Conversational Interface for Alexa and Magical Chatbots Facebook Messenger
speaker:   Suyash Joshi
Room: Town Square C Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Cracking the Coding Interview
speaker:   Gayle McDowell
Room: Town Square A Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Cracking the Product Manager Interview
speaker:   Gayle McDowell
Room: Town Square B Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Deep Learning: Capabilities Realized and New Frontiers
speaker:   Luba Gloukhova
Room: Fireside B Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Develop Galaxy Apps for Samsung Wearables
speakers:  Dana Pratt, Tony Morelan
Room: Town Square C Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Developer Relations 101: What It Is And Why You Need It
speaker:   Sidharth Sharma
Room: Fireside B Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Developing Asynchronous, Message-Driven Microservices
speaker:   Chris Richardson
Room: Round Table Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Developing Microcontroller Appilcations with VSCODE
speaker:   Steve Mylroie
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Disaster Recovery - What, Why, and How
speaker:   Manish Pandit
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Dissecting Dynamo: Highly available key value store
speaker:   Aswani Nerella
Room: Town Square B Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Essentials for Reasonable Software Design
speaker:   Ryan Delucchi
Room: Fireside A Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Ethereum & Smart Contracts
speaker:   Guinder Bhangoo
Room: Fireside D Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Event Driven Architecture – Enabling Microservices
speaker:   Brad Irby
Room: Town Square C Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Exploring Google APIs with Python & JavaScript
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: Town Square A Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Extending Blockchain to IoT
speaker:   Miguel Torres
Room: Fireside D Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Focus on Your Code, Not Your Infrastructure, with Google Cloud Functions
speaker:   Martin Omander
Room: Fireside C Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Foundations of a Data Driven Organization
speaker:   Andrew Karcher
Room: Fireside A Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Getting Started with The Go Programming Language ( golang )
speaker:   Aarti Parikh
Room: Fireside D Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Help Them Stay: Leading for Staff Retention
speaker:   Rob Vieira
Room: Round Table Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
How JavaScript Works
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: Town Square A Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
How Microsoft Does DevOps
speaker:   Paul Hacker
Room: Fireside B Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
How to build video streaming iOS and Android apps
speaker:   Russell Fustino
Room: Fireside B Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
How to Ruin Any Software Development Project
speaker:   Marcus Stephan
Room: Fireside D Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
How to Think like a Software Architect
speaker:   Ron Kleinman
Room: Fireside A Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Human Learning: How We Learn & Why it Matters
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Town Square C Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Interfacing Lua and Ruby with C
speaker:   Vijo Cherian
Room: Town Square C Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Interview Like Google (or not)-But Better!
speaker:   Gayle McDowell
Room: Town Square A Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Intro to Blazor, WebAssembly and Razor in .Net
speaker:   Corey Weathers
Room: Town Square A Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Introduction to Actions on Google: Build Your First Action
speaker:   Aza Tulepbergenov
Room: Round Table Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Introduction to Chatbots
speaker:   Upkar Lidder
Room: Town Square C Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Introduction to lifecycle of Data science and IBM MAX
speakers:  Saishruthi Swaminathan, Juanita Dion-Chiang
Room: Fireside D Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Introduction to Smart Contract Development
speaker:   Nik Kalyani
Room: Fireside C Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Introduction to Understanding Deep Learning
speaker:   Antony Ross
Room: Town Square B Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
iOS: The Best Parts
speaker:   Siamak Ashrafi
Room: Fireside A Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
IoT on the Edge
speaker:   Jeremy Foster
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Istio on Kubernetes: Smart Canaries, Dark Launches and Chaos
speaker:   Burr Sutter
Room: Town Square A Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Java developer’s journey in Kubernetes land
speaker:   Arun Gupta
Room: Fireside C Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Leadership Lessons People Learn the Hard Way
speaker:   Obaidur Rashid
Room: Fireside B Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Learn Basics of Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow
speaker:   Gautam Gupta
Room: Fireside A Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Learn PWA With Live Coding (Progressive Web App)
speaker:   Marcus Hellberg
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Machine learning using the Keras Python library
speaker:   Tony Nguyen
Room: Fireside A Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Manage your life: Web-based goal, time, project, health management
speaker:   Roman Zhovtulya
Room: Fireside B Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Managing in an Agile World
speaker:   Ron Lichty
Room: Fireside A Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Microservices and Serverless Speaker Panel – The Road Ahead
speakers:  Brad Irby, Chris Richardson, Dave Nielsen, Eugene Chuvyrov
Room: Town Square B Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Microservices: Decomposing Applications for Testability and Deployability
speaker:   Chris Richardson
Room: Town Square B Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
MongoDB Aggregation like a Champ!
speaker:   Nuri Halperin
Room: Round Table Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
MongoDB First Steps
speaker:   Nuri Halperin
Room: Town Square C Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
MySQL as SQL/NoSQL Database with Document Store Features
speaker:   Sastry Vedantam
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Need a lifta?
speaker:   Bill Enright
Room: Round Table Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
OAuth 2.0 and OIDC
speaker:   Sara Daqiq
Room: Town Square A Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Order a Burger with Spring Boot and Vue.js
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Rendezvous Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Platform Agnostic Application Development with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
speaker:   Ramona Maxwell
Room: Rendezvous Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Powering an API with GraphQL, Golang, and NoSQL
speaker:   Nic Raboy
Room: Town Square C Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Privacy and Data Ethics: Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.
speaker:   Rob Vieira
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Productive React/TypeScript/TDD: Love Story from Hell
speaker:   Paul Everitt
Room: Town Square C Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Q&A With Douglas Crockford
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: Fireside A Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Recursion and Dynamic Programming for technical interviews
speaker:   Soham Mehta
Room: Fireside D Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Redis in Containers, and Kubernetes and Serverless ... Oh My!
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Fireside C Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Regular Expressions, To Match Or Not, That is the Question
speaker:   Peter Thoeny
Room: Town Square B Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Securely developing and deploying multi cloud applications
speaker:   Sunil Sabat
Room: Round Table Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Serverless and Containers in the Cloud Age
speaker:   Marek Sadowski
Room: Fireside D Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Serverless computing with Python & JavaScript on Google Cloud
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: Fireside C Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Serverless Java on Kubernetes
speaker:   Burr Sutter
Room: Round Table Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Software Development Process
speaker:   Andrew Champagne
Room: Fireside B Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
TensorFlow in your Browser
speaker:   Oswald Campesato
Room: Town Square C Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Terraform + Packer + Docker = Winning DevOps Team
speaker:   Abhinav Shroff
Room: Fireside D Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Testing in Production
speaker:   Shaun Abram
Room: Fireside C Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
The Location of Things from A to (X,Y,Z)
speaker:   Jayson DeLancey
Room: Town Square A Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Top 10 Microservices with Redis
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Fireside C Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Turn-key development with Oracle Application Express
speaker:   Fernando Wong
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
TypeScript in Practice
speaker:   Bryan Hughes
Room: Fireside C Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Under the Hood with Flutter
speaker:   Andrew Brogdon
Room: Fireside C Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Understanding Functions and "this" in the World of ES2018
speaker:   Bryan Hughes
Room: Town Square A Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Web Panel with Douglas Crockford, Steve Souders and Mike North
speakers:  Douglas Crockford, Mike North, Steve Souders, Kevin Nilson
Room: Town Square B Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Web Scraping with Python
speaker:   Sidharth Rajaram
Room: Fireside B Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
What I Learned from Interviewing 50 Engineering Managers
speaker:   Vidal Graupera
Room: Fireside A Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Which Agile Framework Will Increase the ROI of My Company?
speaker:   Aaron Sahagun
Room: Fireside D Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! Insights for Technical Leaders
speaker:   Mickey Mantle
Room: Fireside B Time: 2:15 PM Saturday