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Thu Oct 17 2019
By Peter Kellner
Click through to learn everything you need to know as a registered attendee of Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019. This includes our full schedule Saturday and Sunday as well as other important details like parking.
Most important. BRING YOUR ID. PayPal security will check it and match to your SV Code Camp Badge at the door, and without that, you cannot get in. Our records show that you are registered for at least one day of Code Camp.
Silicon Valley Code Camp hosted by PayPal, starts this Saturday! Badge pickup starts at 8:15AM. After that join us for  coffee, networking with friends, and time with our sponsors. Our first session is 9:30AM.
Douglas Crockford will again be kicking off this year talking about the History of JSON (something he invented). Also in the first time slot, Eve Porcello will be talking about React being your friend. If you want to hear about why you keep getting those cookie warning on your web sites (and why we don't need one for Silicon Valley Code Camp), learn about GDPR with Claudia Galvan.
One of the big surprises this year is how popular career type talks are. Soham Mehta is talking about defying ageism at 1PM with a panel of FAANG Engineering managers at 2:15PM (and find out what FAANG is if you did not know already).  Side note: Soham, Founder of InterviewKickstart will happily review your resume if you bring it by their sponsor table.
Parking is free for all Code Camp attendees and can be found all around PayPal Town Hall.  Basically, it's the employee parking for thousands and it's a weekend so it is plentiful for us.
We will have printed copies of the schedule, but you can help us out by printing and bringing the following PDF files, they contain the session schedules for both Saturday & Sunday. Or if you love trees, skip the printing and use our new mobile app ( The new mobile app lets you view sessions by time, room and alphabetically. 
All the same information is available on the full web site at and is posted on our RSS feed and news page.  
Please remember to provide feedback after each session by visiting the Sessions Page on the web site and choosing Session Evaluation on the right of each session description.  Also, under the About-My Evals you can easily do all session evals from one place for all your sessions.
See you Very Soon!
Peter Kellner
Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator
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