Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

The Sessions

Silicon Valley Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for engaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.

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106 sessions
A Gentle Intro to Reactive Java Programming and Systems
speaker:   Mary Grygleski
Room: Fireside A Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Accidentally Manager – A Survival Guide for First-Time Engineering Managers
speaker:   Theo Jungeblut
Room: Round Table Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
ACID Transactions with MongoDB
speaker:   Nuri Halperin
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Add Some Spark to Your Data Processing Pipeline
speaker:   Andrew Karcher
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Agile Delivery of Large Scale Android Applications
speaker:   Mohit Goenka
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Agile, DevOps, and Hardware
speaker:   David Evans
Room: Fireside D Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
AI and ML for Everyone
speaker:   Raju Shreewastava
Room: Town Square B Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Applied Wisdom for the Emotionally Intelligent Manager
speaker:   Eric Braun
Room: Fireside B Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Artificial Intelligence: Potentials and Challenges
speaker:   Tony Nguyen
Room: Fireside B Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Big Data, Big Dupe: A Little Session about a Big Bunch of Nonsense
speaker:   Ami Levin
Room: Fireside C Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Building Amazing Extensible CLI with oclif
speaker:   Gaurav Chodwadia
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Building Distributed Teams
speaker:   Jerry Krikheli
Room: Fireside A Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Building Reliable and Resilient Services
speaker:   Manoj Agarwal
Room: Fireside C Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Building the World's Largest Bluetooth Finding Network
speaker:   Jossie Haines
Room: Round Table Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
C# Real World Best Practices
speaker:   Tom Becker
Room: Round Table Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Clean Code – The Art of Decoupling
speaker:   Theo Jungeblut
Room: Town Square C Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Create Your First Wearable Application with Tizen
speaker:   Diego Lizarazo Rivera
Room: Fireside C Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Critical Agile Practices, Nuanced Techniques
speaker:   Ron Lichty
Room: Town Square B Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Cubes, Hexagons and More: Understanding the Microservices Through Shapes
speaker:   Chris Richardson
Room: Town Square C Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Data Center automation at NVIDIA using Pipeline as Code
speaker:   Gopi Vadlamudi
Room: Rendezvous Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Deep Learning's Most Dangerous Vulnerability: Adversarial Attacks
speaker:   Luba Gloukhova
Room: Town Square B Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Deploy deep learning models as a web microservice in minutes
speaker:   Saishruthi Swaminathan
Room: Town Square B Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Developing Cross-platform applications using Flutter (Web, Android and iOS)
speaker:   Priyanka Tyagi
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Developing for the Modern Mainframe
speaker:   Elizabeth K. Joseph
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
DonkeyCar® - Build and Program an Autonomous Vehicle
speaker:   Ed Murphy
Room: Town Square A Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Easy Path to Machine Learning
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: Town Square A Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Encrypt This! How to Encrypt Enterprise Data at Scale
speaker:   Matthew Cousens
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Engineering Management Interviews
speakers:  Soham Mehta, Yannis Minadakis
Room: Fireside B Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Engineering scalable CICD pipelines using Jenkins and Pipeline Libraries
speaker:   Aravind Kalavagattu
Room: Town Square C Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Evolution of Javascript Modules
speaker:   Lalitha Iyer
Room: Town Square A Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Fast Exact Neighbor Search in Hamming Space Using Elasticsearch
speaker:   Binwei Yang
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
GDPR and Privacy Around the World
speaker:   Claudia Galvan
Room: Fireside B Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Getting Started with The Go Programming Language ( golang )
speaker:   Todd McLeod
Room: Town Square A Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
GraphQL with Scala
speaker:   Ramnivas Laddad
Room: Rendezvous Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Graphs for Technical Interviews
speakers:  Soham Mehta, Omkar Deshpande
Room: Town Square B Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Hands On Cybersecurity
speaker:   Nir Alfasi
Room: Fireside B Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
How Humans Learn and Why It Matters
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Fireside D Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
How Slack Built Shared Channels
speaker:   Amarnath Kulkarni
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
How to "think" (and design) like a Software Architect
speaker:   Ron Kleinman
Room: Town Square B Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
How to Defy Ageism in Software Engineering
speaker:   Soham Mehta
Room: Town Square C Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
How to Fullstack AI
speaker:   Shamod Lacoul
Room: Fireside A Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
How to Grow Your Career Through Open Source
speaker:   Juanita Dion-Chiang
Room: Town Square A Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
How to successfully Open Source a project
speaker:   Carsten Jacobsen
Room: Rendezvous Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
How to Switch Your Technical Domain
speaker:   Soham Mehta
Room: Fireside B Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
IBM Blockchain Platform and VS Code: Globalizing the world of Supply Chain
speaker:   Lennart Frantzell
Room: Fireside A Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Immortal database cluster architecture
speaker:   Siva Valiveru
Room: Fireside B Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Implementing Machine Learning on IOT devices at the Cloud Edge
speaker:   Steve Mylroie
Room: Fireside A Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Improve Quality and Joy: Agile XP Dojos Work
speaker:   M David Green
Room: Fireside C Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Intelligent Experimentation using Machine Learning
speaker:   Nisha Bhaskaran
Room: Rendezvous Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Intro to Smart Watches Development and Design
speaker:   Diego Lizarazo Rivera
Room: Fireside C Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Intro to Test-Driven Development
speaker:   Jon Reid
Room: Town Square C Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift
speaker:   Dave Nugent
Room: Fireside A Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
speaker:   Antony Ross
Room: Town Square A Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Introduction to NR-5G and Its Challenges
speaker:   Rizwan Ghaffar
Room: Town Square A Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Introduction to Password Security and Safety For Developers
speaker:   Thomas Zhang
Room: Fireside D Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
iOS: The Best Parts
speaker:   Siamak Ashrafi
Room: Round Table Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Knowing Linux and Docker Security for Kubernetes Security
speaker:   Sunil Sabat
Room: Fireside C Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Landing a job at sought after companies like Google and Facebook?
speaker:   Ash Murthy
Room: Fireside B Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Leading through Innovation
speaker:   Aaron Sahagun
Room: Round Table Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Learn To Build A Website with Golang
speaker:   Todd McLeod
Room: Round Table Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Learn to use Artificial Intelligence for Personalization
speaker:   Gautam Gupta
Room: Rendezvous Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Let’s Get Ready to Rumble - Kubernetes Vs. Red Hat OpenShift
speakers:  Marek Sadowski , Dave Nugent
Room: Fireside A Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Machine Learning for iOS
speaker:   Cyril Garcia
Room: Round Table Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Make Your Code More Testable with the Hexagonal Architecture
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Fireside C Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Managing State in React Functionally with React Hooks
speaker:   Eric Bishard
Room: Town Square B Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Master Dynamic Programming
speaker:   Hien Luu
Room: Town Square C Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
MicroServices - Real World Application
speaker:   Sharada Bose
Room: Fireside A Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
MongoDB Introduction
speaker:   Nuri Halperin
Room: Fireside B Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
MySQL HA with InnoDB Cluster
speaker:   Sastry Vedantam
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Navigating the React Ecosystem
speaker:   Ben Ilegbodu
Room: Fireside A Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
One key to rule them all! Destroying data consistency and query performance
speaker:   Ami Levin
Room: Fireside A Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Panel Discussion With FAANG Engineering Hiring Managers
speakers:  Soham Mehta, Ryan Valles, Yannis Minadakis, Nikhil Mahajan, Heraldo Memelli, Monal Daxini
Room: Town Square B Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Powering DesignOps at PayPal
speaker:   Stan Carrico
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Q&A Panel with Engineering Managers
speakers:  Ron Lichty, Tammy Baker, Jerry Krikheli, Eric Braun, Vidal Graupera, Marcus Blankenship
Room: Town Square B Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
React Is Your Friend: A Gentle Intro to the React Library
speaker:   Eve Porcello
Room: Town Square B Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Real-ish Time Predictive Analytics with Spark Structured Streaming
speaker:   Scott Haines
Room: Fireside D Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Refactoring to Async
speaker:   Llewellyn Falco
Room: Town Square C Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Scalability challenges for distributed video infrastructure
speaker:   Zafar Shahid
Room: Round Table Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
SciFi Comes Alive on Mobile
speaker:   Siamak Ashrafi
Room: Round Table Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Secure Your Bottom Line: The Forgotten Cyber Battleground
speaker:   Adam Sbeta
Room: Fireside D Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Securing Kafka at Paypal with 500 Billion Messages a Day
speakers:  Thomas Zhou, MAULIN VASAVADA, Sanat Mastan Kumar Yelchuri
Room: Shoot The Breeze Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Serverless containers - a match made in heaven
speaker:   Martin Omander
Room: Town Square C Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
Serverless Swift - for Effective Backend as a Service
speaker:   Marek Sadowski
Room: Fireside B Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Situational Decision Making in a VUCA world!
speaker:   Andrew Webster
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Speed, Modernize, Revitalize: Reaching the Cloud Native World.
speaker:   Chris Bailey
Room: Fireside C Time: 1:00 PM Saturday 
Speeding Up Machine Learning Development with Open Source Platform - MLFlow
speaker:   Hien Luu
Room: Fireside D Time: 12:45 PM Sunday 
STAR Apps: Design Systems, TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL, and React
speaker:   Shawn Wang
Room: Fireside D Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Taming Complex Webapps with Scala and React
speaker:   Kavita Laddad
Room: Rendezvous Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Technical Coaching Toolbox
speaker:   Llewellyn Falco
Room: Round Table Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
Tekton: Building in Kubernetes
speaker:   Chris Baumbauer
Room: Fireside C Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
The Algorand Blockchain - Decentralized and for Developers
speaker:   Russell Fustino
Room: Town Square B Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
The Blockchain You Never Knew
speaker:   Guinder Bhangoo
Room: Town Square C Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
The History of JSON
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: Town Square A Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
The Million Dollar Resume: A Workshop
speakers:  Soham Mehta, Nicholas Camilleri
Room: Fireside D Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
The Science of Programmer Motivation
speaker:   Marcus Blankenship
Room: Fireside B Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
The Web Got so Good You Can Build a Startup in 1 Day
speaker:   Swizec Teller
Room: Town Square A Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Time Management for Engineering Managers
speaker:   Vidal Graupera
Room: Town Square C Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Time Travails With Java, Scala and Apache Spark
speaker:   Christopher Bedford
Room: Chin Wagger Time: 9:30 AM Saturday 
Top 10 Ways to Scale Your Website with Redis
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Rendezvous Time: 5:00 PM Saturday 
Top three use cases for Serverless with Examples
speaker:   Upkar Lidder
Room: Fireside A Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Upgrading to New React Native Versions
speaker:   Oleg Polyakov
Room: Rendezvous Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Using Kubernetes for Machine Learning Frameworks
speaker:   Arun Gupta
Room: Town Square A Time: 10:45 AM Sunday 
Visualizing Real-time Interactive Financial Data Charts Using React Native
speaker:   Clem Freeman
Room: Fireside D Time: 2:15 PM Saturday 
What to expect from your Agile Coach, and what they should expect from you
speaker:   Don Bullock
Room: Fireside C Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
What's It Take to Be a (Good!) Manager?
speaker:   Ron Lichty
Room: Town Square C Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
You Can Count on Numbers
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: Town Square A Time: 11:00 AM Saturday