Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

Dave Briccetti

Dave Briccetti Software LLC
About Dave
Software developer with experience in Scala, Python, Java, Linux, networking, and user interfaces; and in many industries including videoconferencing, remote device control, finance, education, publishing, mechanical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, defense, and telecommunications. Programming teacher with many years of experience teaching from third grade to adult professional.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Teaching Kids Programming with Scratch, Alice and Python

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: 4204
    <p>For teachers, parents and kids, a look at languages and tools used to teach programming to kids. We’ll talk about Scratch, Alice, Python, Pygame, GIMP, Inkscape and Audacity. If you like, bring a laptop with Scratch installed ( A small part of the time will be spent teaching Scratch to the kids present. </p> <p>Related: The speaker’s Young Programmers Video podcast: </p> <p>Links: </p>

  • Game and Story Programming Class for Kids

    1:15 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    <p>For students in grades 3–12: Learn how to create computer games and stories using the Scratch computer software for kids, from MIT. Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art—and share your creations on the web.</p> <p>You will bring your own laptop on which you have previously installed Scratch ( Limited to the first 20 students to add their names to the wiki for this class. Parents may observe the class, as space permits.</p> <p>IMPORTANT: You must pre-register for the class on the wiki, and you must bring a laptop with Scratch installed. </p> <p>Related: The speaker’s Young Programmers Video podcast: </p>

  • TalkingPuffin: a Scala Twitter Client

    3:45 PM Saturday   Room: 4204
    We’ll walk through a new open source desktop Twitter client written in Scala and using Swing. We’ll learn a bit about the Twitter API, easily parsing XML with Scala, and the scala.swing package, using Google Web Services to look up addresses from the latitude and longitudes that appear in some tweets, using Intellij IDEA and Github, and we’ll see a small part of TalkingPuffin that runs on Google App Engine. If the audience is interested, we will also look at BirdShow, a Scala lift Web application that uses Flickr Web Services to get pictures to display. Rough outline: