Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 6th and 7th, 2012

Rachel Hagerman

About Rachel
Rachel Hagerman is a consultant with Falafel Software, a Microsoft certified consulting and training company based in silicon valley with a presence in five U.S. states and Canada. Rachel finds joy in meeting challenges in her career and her life. After deciding to pursue a career in electronics, and as one of only a handful of female students in her department, Rachel graduated at the top of her class with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Two years after graduation, she was leading the software design team on a multi-million dollar testing system for the Department of Energy. Rachel has experience in circuitry design and automated test systems, but her true passion has always been for software. Lately she has developed everything from iOS enterprise apps to advanced mapping software for delivery systems.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Introduction to Native iOS Development for .NET Developers

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: 5501
    In this session we'll introduce C# and VB.NET programmers to the concepts of iOS development with the goal of helping members of the .NET community get jump started in XCode and Objective-C as quickly and painlessly as possible. Non-.NET coders are welcome, but the sessions will include a lot of comparisons and contrasts between iOS and .NET.

    Speakers:    J. Tower  Rachel Hagerman