Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

John Hann

Pivotal Software, Inc.
About John
John built his first suite of rich web apps in 1996, long before most people had a clue that the web would become a powerful application platform. John continues to obsess on the front end and loves discovering new architectural patterns or applying time-honored ones to JavaScript and CSS. Now, when he's not writing open source code as a Principal Engineer at Pivotal or as Co-founder at cujoJS, he is sure to be working on some wicked cool science project or construction project with his kids.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Introducing RaveJS: Zero-config JavaScript applications

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: 8401
    Introducing RaveJS. Rave eliminates configuration, machinery, and complexity. Stop configuring and tweaking file watchers, minifiers, and transpilers just to get to a runnable app. Instead, go from zero to "hello world" in 30 seconds. In the next 30 seconds, easily add capabilities and frameworks to your application simply by installing *Rave Extensions* and *Rave Starter* packages from npm and Bower, the leading JavaScript package managers. Finally, install additional *Rave Extension* packages to apply your favorite build, deploy, and testing patterns.