Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Nuri Halperin

Plus N Consulting Inc.
About Nuri
Nuri Halperin consults, develops software, and teaches with passion. He designs and builds systems, websites and business applications. He's been getting things done for a variety clients small and large. He authors courses for A frequent speaker at tech events, he enjoys interacting and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. Nuri is the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award, and is a MongoDB Master. Owner of Plus N Consulting, Inc. Author at Pluralsight
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Speaking Sessions

  • First steps with MongoDB

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 5015
    MongoDB is a very popular NoSQL database that is fast and scalable. This talk will get you familiar with this unique database and arm you with the essential skills to start using Mongo to power your software applications. We’ll talk about document oriented databases. You will see some of the core strengths (and challenges!) of using MongoDB to power your application. And, of course, some code to demo how all of this ties together! This session is thin on power point. We'll try cover as much ground as time permits and get your familiar with the basic concepts that differentiate this technology from its competitors. Leave your SQL thinking behind and come see how things can be very different with MongoDB.