Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Pete Ryan

About Pete
Pete Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder, at Gogohire - A Hiring Marketplace for Sales Talent (500 Startups backed). Pete's an expert in sales hacking and sales. Prior to starting Gogohire, Pete was the top sales person at Oracle, LinkedIn and DoubleDutch. Pete's a weird hybrid -- sales hacking + product + marketing.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Selling Basics for Startups

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: 4220
    This event has been organized specifically for startup founders and early employees who do not have robust sales backgrounds and want to learn more about effective selling techniques and best practices. The objective of the session is to help you install the fundamental building blocks of a world-class sales engine at your company. To emerge from the early stages of building a new business, startups need to stay focused on two things: building and selling. The first is by far the most important. You can't sell what you don't ship, and if it's not built specifically with the customer's needs in mind, it'll be next to impossible to sell even with a great sales system. In this presentation, you'll learn about common sales mistakes made by startups, how to build a buyer-centric sales process that scales, best practices for how to shorten your sales cycles and more. BENEFITS -Build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with prospects and customers -Uncover sales opportunities and close deals sooner -Establish trust by showing you’re focused on your customer’s needs -Develop solution-oriented value propositions -Learn to handle objections and move toward a close -Distinguish yourself from pitch-based sales CURRICULUM -Getting the meeting -Opening and sustaining dialogue -Listening and probing for needs -Uncovering key motivators -Eliciting commitments that lead to an identifiable close -Scheduling next steps