Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Ron Vergis

Tinker Academy
About Ron
Ron is passionate about teaching kids how to program. He thinks programming is as essential a skill in the 21st century, as reading, writing and math. Ron conducts programming classes through his company Tinker Academy. Tinker Academy offers classes in software programming to students in elementary and middle schools in and around Cupertino.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Kids @ Play - Build your first mobile game for the Google Play Store

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: PSEC4603
    Bring your own laptop and an Android phone or tablet (optional) and join us in this fun hands-on interactive session. Follow along as we develop a mobile game using the Corona Game Engine and upload it to the Google Play Store. A Google Play Developer account is required for upload. Some prior programming experience such as Scratch Programming is expected. The Corona Game Engine makes building mobile games kids play. Corona uses Lua as the scripting language and Box2D as the underlying physics engine.