Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Troy Miles

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About Troy
Troy Miles, aka the Rockncoder, is an award winning software developer, speaker, and author with over 37 years of professional experience. He is the author of the book, jQuery Essentials, numerous magazine articles and blog posts. He began his career writing games in 6502 and x86 assembly for early computers like the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PC. Along the way, he has twice won the game of the year award, fantastic reviews, and numerous accolades. Nowadays he writes web & mobile apps for a Southern California-based automotive valuation and information company. He has hung up is assembly language hat, but is fluent in JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, Kotlin, and Clojure. Nights and weekends he can usually be found writing cool apps for mobile and the web or teaching other developers how to do so. Troy has spoken at Velocity, MobileWeb Dev Con, Mobile Dev+Test, and NG-Vegas. He is also a regular speaker at the SoCal and Silicon Valley Code Camps plus in front of local developer groups all over Southern California. Many of his talks are on his YouTube channel.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Intro to Mobile Game Programming with Cocos2d-x, Part 1

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 4220
    If we've learned anything from the "Flappy Bird" incident, it is that it is still possible for a free game, from an independent developer to make money, a lot of money. Video games are extremely popular on smart phones and tablets. While the odds are against your game becoming a smash hit, is still possible to make a fun game which generates a bit of money via direct sales or in-game advertising. In this three part session we will explore using Cocos2d-x, an open source game engine, to build games for all three major smart phone platforms - Android, Apple, and Microsoft. Unlike other game engines, Cocos2d-x is not only free, it runs on multiple platforms giving you the ability to port your game not only to the most popular phone platforms but to desktop platforms like Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Intro to Mobile Game Programming with Cocos2d-x, Part 2

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4220
    In the second session, we will put together a simple but playable game. We will write our code in C++ and port to all of the platforms. I will show how to animate characters and create levels in CocoStudio then use in our game. Plus I will delve into the crucial but rarely included technique of debugging your code.