Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Will Smith

About Will
Will Smith is a Software Engineer currently working at Tachyus for the oil and gas industry. He has experience in multiple technologies across Microsoft and native stacks. His hobby is learning about game engines, and day to day work is F# on iOS using Xamarin.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Porting Quake III to F#: A Journey to Functional Programming

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 3401
    FQuake3 is a project started by Will as an attempt to port id Software’s Quake III Arena to F# and to figure out how functional programming can be applied to game engines. The project is less than a year old, and has been worked on by Will in his free time. The talk will discuss Will’s journey to the founding of F# and why he started this project. The project structure, demos, code examples, and comparisons will be presented.