Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Yann Yu

About Yann
Yann Yu is a Systems Engineer at LucidWorks and brings years of experience in search, natural language processing and internationalization to the Lucidworks team. As part of the professional Services group at Lucidworks, Yann has architected and deployed Solr solutions for hundreds of customers, including those in the Fortune 500. He has collaborated with Lucidworks Hadoop partners to integrate large-scale, high volume Hadoop deployments with Solr all over the world. Previously a software developer at Basis Technology, Yann worked extensively on Rosette Entity Extractor and Rosette Language Identifier products.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Why Would You Integrate Solr and Hadoop? (and why would you do that?)

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 4201
    As more companies are turning to and finishing implementation of Hadoop for their storage and distributed computation needs, there comes a question on how best to expose the stored information and analytics to end-users. In this talk we discuss how Solr and Hadoop complement each other, and how to use Solr as a real-time, analytical, full-text search front-end to data stored in Hadoop. The use cases covered are applicable to near-real time search and indexing, enterprise document search, eCommerce applications, machine/log record analysis, and financial applications, among others.