Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Yorick Phoenix

ISSIO Solutions, Inc
About Yorick
Chief Technical Officer, Architect and Developer at ISSIO Solutions leading the change in Heath Care Management that benefits the consumer through the use of innovate Web Applications. He is currently architecting a new combined PHP / JS Framework that provides object persistance across both platforms with universal cross-platform methods and event handlers. Thus all objects co-exist on both platforms. Provides deep and clear thinking both in engineering architecture and customer experience that comes from being the technical lead of multiple successful startup companies that have driven their success by quick adoption of a solution that solves pain points in customers daily lives. Previously CTO of 4-Sight, international award winner for their on demand global pre-press image transfer products that became the defacto standard in the media industry. he was responsible for the design and implementation of the Rapido File Transfer protocol to merge multiple on-demand digital circuits globally under programatic control to maximize bandwidth in an ad-hoc manner. As used by Disney, the Olympic Games, World Cup, etc to get media content quickly from one location to another. He has a long background in software development starting with solving mathematical puzzles to writing software to solve them for him while at school.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Maximize your Cache for no Cash

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 4305
    There are six levels of cache between your code and the users browser experience. You can take advantage of them all to provide a quicker, slicker, better user experience for the user and it won't cost you a dime to do it. You can use an OpCode Cache on the Server, a Content Development Network (for free), make use of the browser cache, setup an App Cache, use Session and Local Storage. They are all there, they are all free and this talk will go over all of them, the pros and the few downsides.