Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Ami Levin

Self Employed
About Ami
Senior data tier architect, data modeler, database designer and SQL developer. Inventor of intelligent, autonomous performance optimization products. Designed, reviewed and optimized some of the world’s largest, most challenging, mission critical data environments. A seasoned speaker, instructor and mentor. Author of white papers and technical articles.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Linear interpolations using SQL window functions

    10:15 AM Sunday   Room: Shoot The Breeze
    Join Ami Levin for some pure T-SQL coding challenges fun! You'll take apart common programming challenges that are typically hard to solve using conventional means.
    Fortunately, we have on our side the less-conventional window functions to get the job done. Ami will explore linear interpolation, temporal challenges, island issues, and other goodies, as time permits.
    After this session, you'll have a few more tools in your arsenal to make your life easier, impress your colleagues (and boss!), and make your users happier :-)

  • Where did I leave my (primary) Keys???

    1:00 PM Sunday   Room: Town Square B
    You will be surprised how far reaching implications arise from the keys that you choose... In this session we will revisit some of the fundamental design principals of relational databases: normalization rules, key selection, and the controversies associated with these issues from a practical perspective. We will consider the benefits and challenges of using different types of keys - natural, surrogates, artificial (and others?) from multiple aspects: data consistency, application development, maintenance, portability and performance.