Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Cathy Simpson

Agile Learning Labs
About Cathy
Cathy Simpson is a scrum trainer, agile coach, and Certified Scrum Professional with a passion for transforming the world of work to be more productive, creative and fun. She combines a warm energetic style with engaging training material and insights learned in the trenches at companies ranging from large financial institutions to small start-ups to create light bulb moments for her clients and course participants, with a good dose of humor thrown in. Besides training people in scrum, Cathy is passionate about mentoring women and girls in STEM, the intersection of art and technology, whimsy, and a good glass of red wine.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Your User Stories Are Too Big!

    1:00 PM Sunday   Room: Round Table
    A common problem for scrum teams is user stories that are too big. When a user story is too big, it is harder to understand, estimate, and implement successfully. What to do? Scrum promotes incremental development. We talk about getting thin vertical slices of potentially shippable functionality. For many that is a tall order and often seems impossible.

    In this experiential session - come get hands-on experience with 4 techniques to split the large stories in your backlog into smaller stories 1 slice at a time. After completing this workshop, participants will be able to split large stories into smaller, more specific stories using: - Conjunctions and connector words - Generic terms - Acceptance criteria - Timeline analysis