Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Daren May

About Daren
Daren May is the President and founder of CustomMayd— a company that specializes in designing and building developer training and next-level digital experiences. Daren is a Windows Development MVP and has written and presented many training courses including Microsoft Virtual Academy videos.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Building Solutions with the Microsoft Dial

    1:30 PM Saturday   Room: Round Table
    What if you could leverage a new modality? What if your user’s interaction could be precise, novel and specifically tuned for your app’s use cases. Microsoft Dial is an innovative extension to interact with apps, and the API is far more straight-forward than you might expect.

  • Light up your app with the Composition API

    3:00 PM Saturday   Room: Chin Wagger
    For the first time, managed developers have direct access to the native graphics subsystem in Windows. With this, complex designs can be realized without compromising performance. But how do you do it and how difficult is the API. Leave this session with the confidence to build incredible apps.