Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Donn Lee

DCL Consulting
About Donn
Donn advises startups and VCs in Internet technologies. Joining Facebook in 2007, he was a senior engineer on the Infrastructure team during hyper-growth of Facebook's systems and networks. Previous to FB, Donn was a senior engineer at Google during similar architecture, deployment, scaling, and troubleshooting challenges when Google grew from a sole search engine to a portfolio of products. Donn wrote his book "Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks" while working full-time at Cisco Systems where he was a senior systems engineer. He was awarded Internet Society's Itojun Service Award and Google's EMG Award. Donn has performed over 50 talks at technical conferences across Europe, Asia, US, Canada, and Mexico.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Bitcoin Digital Cash: Send cash to anyone on Earth with your phone or PC

    12:30 PM Saturday   Room: Round Table
    Returning for another year, this talk may include some new surprises. Bitcoin is changing in big ways! What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Who controls it? What is mining? Is it possible to counterfeit bitcoin? This lively, interactive session will provide you with a base understanding of the in's and out's of this and similar digital currencies. After this session you will have enough basics to get some bitcoin and, if you desire, send it to anyone on Earth in seconds.