Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Guy Vider

Traveling Tech Guy LLC
About Guy
Guy has over 20 years of experience developing web apps, and managing development and deployment projects for web, mobile and cloud applications. Guy is currently the CTO of ExPOS Restaurant Analytics - a unique restaurant BI SaaS, and a consultant at Traveling Tech Guy consulting.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build Chrome Extensions using React/Webpack

    4:00 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside B
    Chrome extensions are like apps for your desktop - they can alert you to changes and incoming events from around the web, improve your browsing experience, or add new functionality to old web sites. Extensions are surprisingly easy to build. With just a little bit of JavaScript, and some knowledge of the DOM, you too can build a useful Chrome extension, and even publish it in the web store. Adding React and Webpack to the mix allow us to create reusable components, and repeatable building environment, making it ever easier to add new functionality to our browser. In this session we'll cover the basics of a Chrome extension, and create one together, using ES6 flavored JavaScript for the logic, React for the view, and Webpack 2 for the build/package environment. Some basic familiarity with ES6, React, and Webpack 2 is recommended, but not mandatory.