Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Ivan Wallis

About Ivan
Ivan Wallis, is a Senior Systems Engineer with Venafi. He brings over 15 years of systems engineering, key management, and security training experience towards enabling customers and partners to effectively architect and deliver data security solutions for enterprise customers. Past experience includes lead solutions architect role at Thales e-Security and SSH Communication Security, as well as solutions architect at Entrust. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Ivan is an active member of the local ISSA and ISC2 security community. Ivan holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Securing Your Containers

    3:00 PM Saturday   Room: Shoot The Breeze
    Digitization is driving a fundamental change in society that is transforming the way businesses work with their customers, their supply chains and their people. Digital transformation leverages DevOps best practices, such as Agile Parallel Development, Continuous Delivery and Agile Operations to capitalize on opportunities and create competitive differentiation in the application economy. However, information security has been notably absent from the DevOps movement. Speed doesn’t have to negatively impact security. Container-to-container communication should not be in clear text, yet it is. So why is it so hard to implement good security practices like encryption for DevOps? The primary reason, provisioning of keys and certificates in a DevOps environment takes too long and results in bottlenecks—so people don’t use encryption unless they have to. In this session we will discuss security strategies that can be implemented for CAPS (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt) and Docker and how you can implement encryption easily without causing bottlenecks.