Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Mohit Goenka

Verizon Media (Yahoo Mail)
About Mohit
Mohit is currently the engineering lead for Yahoo Mail's Android client, one of the largest consumer applications in the Verizon Media ecosystem. During his eight years’ tenure at the company, he assumed different roles as a web developer, product manager and engineering manager, and received numerous recognitions by winning multiple hackathons and CEO Challenges. He was also the recipient of prestigious Yahoo Super Star award in 2015 for his individual contributions and Master Inventor award in 2018 for extensive number of patent filings. Earlier, he graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science. His thesis emphasized on Game Theory and Human Behavior concepts as applied in real-world security games. What adds feather to his cap are Mohit’s poetic skills. Some of his works are part of the University of Southern California Libraries archive under the cover of The Lewis Carroll Collection. When not coding, Mohit spends his time exploring new cities, playing Cricket or developing strategies on winning his latest board game adventure.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Forward-Thinking Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside A

    Building the technology powering the best consumer email inbox in the world is no easy task. When you start on such a journey, it is important to consider how to deliver such an experience to the users. After all, any consumer feature we build can only make a difference after it is delivered to everyone via the tech pipeline.

    As we began building out the new version of Yahoo Mail, we wanted to ensure that our internal developer productivity would not be hindered by how our pipelines work. Keeping this in mind, we identified the following principles as most important while designing the delivery pipeline for the new Yahoo Mail experience:

    * Product updates are pushed at regular intervals
    * Releases are stable
    * Builds are not blocked by irrational test failures
    * Developers are notified of code pushes
    * Hotfixes
    * Rollbacks
    * Heartbeat pushes