Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Zafar Shahid

Nvidia, Inc.
About Zafar
Dr. Zafar Shahid is an accomplished Multimedia Engineer with over 15 years of experience in real-time systems, multimedia stacks, applications and team- management. with ever increasing responsibilities in embedded, and desktop systems on Windows and Linux platforms. His experience spans big companies as Technicolor & Nvidia, and several start-ups. He has shipped several products successfully over the last decade. On the other hand, he has authored devised several algorithms which solved the problems on real-time protection for content storage and distribution. He has 3 books and over 40 internal publications and patents. He has extensively talked at international schools, conferences and technical workshops in morethan 10 countries.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Zero Configuration Networking

    11:15 AM Sunday   Room: Shoot The Breeze
    If you have an electric lamp, you can plug it anywhere in electric socket and it is expected to work. Could we think the same way for computers? Could we connect our laptop to any Network and make use of the devices available on that network including printer, scanner etc. The answer is YES, we can do it with help of Zero Configuration networking. Zero Configuration networking is a set of protocols which are used together to make devices talk to each other on the same Network, without any DHCP or DNS server. This is has numerous applications including Wake-on-Lan services. In 1980’s, AppleTalk was handling this scenario for Macs which are connected together with LocalTalk cabling. Later on, it was extended to AppleTalk over Ethernet. Currently we have several implementations of Zero Configuration Networking including Apple’s Bonjour, Windows LLMNR, Avahi, Presto etc.