Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018

Marcus Stephan

About Marcus
Highly experienced Software Developer and project manager with a successful track record in established small and large companies. Certified as ZCE (ZEND Certified Engineer). Specialized in web and mobile business, distributed systems and agile methods, with more than 20 years experience and proven expertise
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Speaking Sessions

  • How to Ruin Any Software Development Project

    2:15 PM Sunday   Room: Fireside D
    If we study the numbers, statistics, and facts it turns out that still 65-75% of IT and software development projects still fail these days. This session will bring up 12 scenarios how everyone can help to ruin any software development project. It will be a sarcastic and funny way to look into this details. However, it is sad enough that the percentage these days is still so high. This session will give some insights.