Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018

Miguel Torres

Tibco Software
About Miguel
Miguel Torres is principal architect and a full-stack developer at TIBCO Software, responsible for leading the TIBCO blockchain lab as well as collaborating on open source project TIBCO Flogo. Miguel came to TIBCO in 2007 as a software engineer as part of TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM team in England, then moved to California to be part of TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, TIBCO Cloud Integration platform and TIBCO Flogo as an architect and developer. Miguel holds a software engineering degree from Cranfield University in England.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Extending Blockchain to IoT

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside D
    Most people have heard of Bitcoin, and also know that blockchain is one of the underlying concepts behind this cryptocurrency. However, the ability to share information via a shared, trusted distributed network with embedded business logic also has many potential benefits for an IoT deployment. Join this session to hear about blockchain and associated concepts such as smart contracts, and what we, as technologists, should be thinking about as we look to apply these concepts across various IoT use cases. Session will involve a discussion of utilizing technologies related to blockchain (distributed ledgers, smart contracts, cryptography, consensus) as a mechanism for building a smart IoT network. Associated technologies such as offchain analytics and graph storage will also be discussed as part of a broader blockchain-led IoT enterprise architecture. Various sample use cases will be discussed, as well as items that must be considered for a successful blockchain enterprise implementation.