Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Ben Ilegbodu

About Ben
Ben is a Christian, husband and father of 3, with over a dozen years of experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Eventbrite, focused on improving the success of event creator through data and recommendations. Ben also is a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and tweeting (@benmvp) / blogging ( about his experiences with new web technologies.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Navigating the React Ecosystem

    11:00 AM Saturday   Room: Fireside A
    React has exploded in popularity. But it’s only a UI library, not a full-fledged framework like Angular, Ember or [insert latest JS framework]. We need to create our own “framework” by picking from the plethora of libraries in the React ecosystem. But which ones should we choose? Or better yet, which ones do we actually need? Do we still need Redux? What about handling styling, testing and routing, etc? How does it all come together?!!?! Let’s walk through the tools and helper libraries that surround React. By the end of the session, you’ll have a solid understanding of the ecosystem and know which libraries you should prioritize learning first in order to confidently build your own React-based stack.