Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Chris Bailey

About Chris
Chris is the Chief Architect for Cloud Native Runtimes at IBM, leading teams that contributing to open source communities for the Node.js, Java and Swift runtimes and is also the project lead for the Kitura, Cloud Native JS and Appsody open source projects. Chris has worked on runtimes, programming languages, and application frameworks for almost 20 years, and has most recently been focussed on enhancing frameworks and providing modules to make it easier to build best-practice cloud native applications.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Speed, Modernize, Revitalize: Reaching the Cloud Native World.

    1:00 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside C
    The move to microservices enables developers to rapidly create and innovate by giving them autonomy to build and deploy applications using the languages, frameworks and technologies that they choose. However, such move requires a cost. Developers require a deeper set of skills to create apps that integrate fully with cloud-native capabilities. The additional complexity is one of the main reasons why most “cloud applications” are co-hosted. Only 38% of cloud developers are leveraging cloud services, and just 12% are building cloud-native applications. These statistics indicate that the majority of applications do not fully leverage and integrate with the additional capabilities that the platform provides. This session will introduce you how to modernize existing and build new cloud-native applications, and show how to utilize open source tools to rapidly develop and build new cloud-native applications with best practises built-in.