Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Clem Freeman

About Clem
Clem has worked as a software engineer at Coinbase for over a year. He has spent the past 5 months building a greenfield React Native app for the Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency exchange. Previously he worked as a frontend engineer on Paradex, a decentralized crypto exchange that was acquired by Coinbase. With this experience Clem has developed expertise in building UI and data visualizations for financial exchanges. He also loves the musician Aphex Twin and playing roguelike video games.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Visualizing Real-time Interactive Financial Data Charts Using React Native

    2:15 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside D

    Trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum professionally can require visualizing vast amounts of data in the form of candle charts, depth charts, and order books.

    These UI components must all be displayed simultaneously and kept up to date in real-time using web sockets. To add to this challenge, many of these components must dynamically respond to user gestures such as panning and long presses.

    Presenting all of this data in a compact, performant, mobile-friendly format presents a number of interesting technical challenges. In this talk I will dig into these challenges and present strategies for overcoming them.