Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Cyril Garcia

About Cyril
I am an experienced iOS Software Engineer and the creator of the GeekWeather app and Currently a Statistics Major at San Jose State University and will be graduating on December of 2020.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Machine Learning for iOS

    11:00 AM Saturday   Room: Round Table
    Machine learning has been subject to great hype within the tech industry; sparking great interest amongst seasoned and aspiring engineers alike. In spite of the large barriers to entry, high level frameworks like Keras, SKLearn, and ML5js, help democratize artificial intelligence to the masses. Apple has made their contributions to help this cause by developing Core ML and Turi Create; high level frameworks that allow developers to incorporate machine learning capabilities into their apps from automating the detection of hateful posts or explicit images, using image recognition to identify what a user is selling, or creating a chatbot for help centers.

    Turi Create is a high level deep learning library that allow developers to create their own pre-trained classifiers; a machine learning model that acts as a cheat sheet for computers to make prediction. Core ML is not a machine learning library but a library that allow developers to apply their pre-trained classifiers into their apps. Core ML works with other high level libraries like Vision for image and object detection, natural language for language processing, and GameplayKit for decision trees. Both libraries are easy to use and the audience will take away knowing how to create their own pre-trained classifiers to create an image recognition app and a sentiment analysis app.