Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Dave Nielsen

About Dave
As Head of Ecosystem Programs, Dave uses emerging technologies and open source projects like Microservices, Serverless & Kubernetes to bring the magic of Redis to the broader community. Dave has extensive ecosystem experience from his years of engagement in the web, cloud and big data trenches. Prior to Redis Labs, Dave led the relationship between Intel’s Deep Learning in Apache Spark project and public cloud providers; and at PayPal where he helped pioneer web api developer evangelism.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Top 10 Ways to Scale Your Website with Redis

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: Rendezvous
    Redis has 10 different data structures (String, Hash, List, Set, Sorted Set, Bit Array, Bit Field, Hyperloglog, Geospatial Index, Streams) plus Redis Modules. In this talk, Dave will give at least 1 example of how to use each data structure to scale your website. He will start with the basics, such as a SQL cache and User session management. Then he will demonstrate storing user generated tags, leaderboards and counting things with hyberloglog. He will end with a demo of Redis Streams which can be used to scale your Microservices-based architecture.