Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Lennart Frantzell

About Lennart
Lennart is a Developer Advocate with IBM in San Francisco focusing on Blockchain, AI and FinTech. He arrived in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s to work with AI and Expert Systems. When the AI winter arrived, he switched to object-oriented systems and later to Internet programming and Healthcare IT. With a strong interest in the startup culture in Silicon Valley it was a natural to become a Developer Advocate and embrace the latest and hottest IT technology: Blockchain. Lennart talks at Meetups and leads Blockchain workshops and especially enjoys working with developers and startups. Weekends, whenever possibly, he spends at Hackathons or walks in the mountains. He reads P.G. Wodehouse and his long-term goal is to replace mankind with machines.
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Speaking Sessions

  • IBM Blockchain Platform and VS Code: Globalizing the world of Supply Chain

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside A

    In the last few years Blockchain has generated more hype than most IT technologies. But what is it actually good for? Where are the successful apps?

    It turns out that Blockchain already is wildly successful in the Supply Chain space. Why is that and what apps are we talking about? And what can non-Blockchain developers learn from Blockchain's success in the Supply Chain?

    In this session we will begin by looking at VS Code and the brand new cloud-based IBM Blockchain Platform to see how we develop Blockchain apps. We'll also look at some other up-and coming dev tools.

    We'll then look at two succssful Blockchain apps in the Supply chain space: IBM Food Trust and TradeLens and delve into the architecture pre- and post Blockchain to understand why the Blockchain has been so dramatically successful in the Supply Chain area.

    We'll cover architectural good practices, Smart Contracts, issues like GDPR and how to store personal data on the Blockchain, on- and off-chain, security, encryption and performance, modeling Blockchain applications and we'll end up with a discussion of what other areas might also be ripe for disruption with Blockchain technology.