Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

M David Green

Capital One
About M David
M. David Green is a technical agile coach currently working with engineering teams at Capital One, and is the author of Scrum: Novice to Ninja. An experienced front-end web engineer, David is also a prolific [podcaster]( and [writer]( His online courses have helped teach JavaScript to over 60,000 students around the world!
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Speaking Sessions

  • Improve Quality and Joy: Agile XP Dojos Work

    12:45 PM Sunday   Room: Fireside C
    Extreme programming is a set of practices that help agile development teams self-organize around quality software and quality of life. But giving a busy team the opportunity to build muscle memory around extreme programming practices such as pairing and mobbing, test driven development, and acceptance test driven development can be challenging for developers, product owners, scrum masters, managers, and coaches alike. Come hear from a renowned technical agile coach about an effective six-week Agile XP Dojo that is enabling active development teams discover ways to improve quality, sustainability, and team happiness with the help of extreme programming--all without stepping away from the work they‘re already doing.