Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Stan Carrico

About Stan
I build, maintain, operate and monitor large-scale applications and API's. Extensive development experience creating high-visibility / high-function web apps for consumer facing products. Agile and Gyshido practitioner. Type annotation evangelist and transpilation advocate (Babel). Specialties: JavaScript/ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, RxJS, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS, mobile web, application API design, UX/Interface design, UI Frameworks. Other Interests : Linux, Docker, DevOps, developer productivity.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Powering DesignOps at PayPal

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: Shoot The Breeze

    Practically, PayPal's internal user experience team cannot support and build full solutions for every internal product. Every year and with constant technology change, the number of internal platforms and products we have increases. Patterns for improved scale and development velocity allow us to have many internal solutions as needs change. The access, discoverability, and efficiency of these solutions is highly influenced by their interface design. As we journey towards being a design driven, user-centric internal organization, we need to support patterns, such as DesignOps, that will allow federated development to produce consistently high-quality results.

    The toolset we have chosen for our the PayPal Developer Console's UI SDK includes both patterns and libraries that in combination produce a high-quality development experience for these internal products, from prototyping and user research, to implementation and documentation.

    This talk will discuss the process we went through in choosing these solutions and will show through examples how the SDK provides a high caliber experience for product managers and developers for:

    Maintenance / Upgrades