Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Swizec Teller

Yup Technologies
About Swizec
Swizec is a software engineer working on the future. He's been building things for the web in companies big and small for 15 years. He writes books, courses, blogs and emails to help coders become software engineers. Author of Why Programmers Work At Night, Data Visualization with d3.js, React + D3v4, and React for Data Visualization.
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Speaking Sessions

  • The Web Got so Good You Can Build a Startup in 1 Day

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: Town Square A

    10 years ago, building for the web was pretty hard.

    Wanna charge a credit card? At least a week of work.
    Wanna store user info? You better know how to run and host MySQL.
    Want to go live? Good luck configuring Nginx or Apache.
    Want a dynamic experience on the frontend? Browsers don’t even use the same JavaScript.

    Nowadays you can conceptualize and launch a product in 1 day. React makes it super easy to build webapps, UI kits mean you don’t need design skills, Gatsby makes your stuff fast, GraphQL makes it easy to get data, Serverless means you never have to configure a server again.

    We live in the future. It’s amazing

    This talk, inspired by the #24hrstartup challenge, is about how all of a sudden you can build a startup in one day. From scratch.