5:00 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

Debunking The Agile Myth: Agile is NOT Just for Software!

You will learn about the results of our 2013 research with Silicon Valley companies which shows that the most impactful elements Agile/Scrum are not unique to software, and I will share best practices that can be applied to mixed-platforms.

About This Session

Time has proven that Agile development has provided huge gains for software development. But what about organizations & teams that deliver a mixed-platform (Hardware/Software/Firmware) product to their customers? Typically these companies have separate teams using different development processes - and it all has to fit together to deliver the best product to your customer. I see companies struggle with this issue, and many times miss schedule commitments and customer expectations. With all the progress in the application of Agile methodologies to software development, we wondered what are the most effective tools in the Agile Software toolkit? Can these tools be applied to hardware and other types of product development programs? These questions were the focus of a 2013 study of Silicon Valley technology firms. Our research found that the most impactful elements of Agile/Scrum were not unique to software development! We discovered key Best Practices and techniques for bridging the gap between Agile development programs and other types of program that include hardware or a mix of hardware and software. This tutorial will 1) present select findings from the study; 2) discuss the aspects of agile that are easily applicable to hardware and other types of development programs; 3) present Best Practices for bridging Agile software programs with traditional hardware development in mixed product development projects.

Time: 5:00 PM Saturday    Room: 4221 

The Speaker(s)

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Jeanne Bradford

unassigned , TCGen

Jeanne Bradford is the co-author of “Innovate Products Faster: Graphical Tools for Accelerating Product Development”. Not a career consultant, Jeanne worked for Apple for 10 years, and lead the re-architecture of Apple's product development process - ANPP. She is a frequent industry speaker on the product development best practices, applying Agile best practices in a mixed-platform environment, and the application of social technologies to product innovation.