5:00 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

Developing Automated Stock Trading System with Node.js

Learn how to use JavaScript on Node.js to write your own stock trading program. Bonus material on how the whole addon was written.

About This Session

Jae Yang is an aerospace engineer working in a Sunnyvale company that develops FAA qualified flight simulators and training devices. He started trading in 2006. “node-ibapi-addon” is an open source Node.js addon of Interactive Brokers API that maps C++ API calls to javascript calls. This addon allows automated trading systems developers to write the logic in javascript and to utilize many of the features of Node.js. In this session, Jae will go over how to build and install node-ibapi-addon, and how to structure your ATS code to use the addon. Bonus material on how the whole addon was written.

Time: 5:00 PM Saturday    Room: 8403 

The Speaker(s)

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Jae Yang

Chief Keyboard Masher , Serene Plains

On his off time, Jae develops open source project to help him trade stocks. https://gitlord.com