9:45 AM Saturday
Hearthside Lounge
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

How to use the Azure File Service

Come learn about the new Azure Files preview feature and how to use it.

About This Session

Come learn about the new Azure Files preview feature, which exposes file sharing using the standard SMB 2.1 protocol. Applications running in Azure can now easily share files between VMs using standard and familiar file system APIs like ReadFile and WriteFile. The files can also be accessed via a REST interface, which opens a variety of hybrid scenarios. Come learn about the features of this new service and how to use it.

Time: 9:45 AM Saturday    Room: Hearthside Lounge 

The Speaker(s)

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Robin Shahan

Sr. Content Developer , Microsoft

Robin Shahan is a Sr. Content Developer for Microsoft for Azure