9:45 AM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

Implementing Row-Level Security in Microsoft SQL Server

A survey of the principles of security labeling, with implementation of row- and column-level security, particularly within the Microsoft SQL Server framework, and a live demonstration of the architecture and principles at work.

About This Session

This course consists of a survey of the key principles of security labels and markings, an overview of data models to support a labeling approach to row- and column-level security, and specific considerations for implementing a row- and/or column-level security model within the Microsoft SQL Server framework. The course also features an in-depth live demonstration of the architecture and principles at work. We begin with trying to establish a clear functional definition of row-level security, and an examination of real-world contexts which either demand or benefit from such a model. We then discuss the various kinds of requirements that can impact level of complexity of a particular solution. This leads us into developing a database model that supports the standard superset of likely use-cases. We’ll start with the simplest possible implementation and then discuss the addition of layers of complexity such as the classic “Top Secret / Confidential / Classified / UnClassified” hierarchies, and other approaches to access. Finally, we’ll connect to a live Microsoft SQL Server database with many of these principles implemented, and conduct several tests and demonstrations which illustrate how to implement the principles.

Time: 9:45 AM Saturday    Room: 4202 

The Speaker(s)

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Patrick Mundy

Senior Partner , RocketWeave LLC

Patrick is a co-founder of RocketWeave LLC, a consulting partnership focused on leveraging contemporary technology to assist growing companies with scaling and compliance issues. He is a seasoned information technology executive with 20+ years of industry experience in data processing, data warehousing and data analysis initiatives. He has extensive experience with BI program and project management, especially in banking, investment and other financial arenas.