1:15 PM Sunday
Hearthside Lounge
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

Modern Web Diagnostics with a Glimpse into ASP.NET

Getting started with Modern Web Diagnostics with a Glimpse into ASP.NET. Learn what Glimpse is, how and when to use it, and much more.

About This Session

With the state of diagnostics on the web being what it is, we currently have to do a job that is much harder than it should be. Too often, the tools we are provided with only show a small part of the picture, leaving us to guess what else might be happening behind the scenes. Glimpse is an open source project that aims to change the way we think about diagnostics and the frameworks we interact with. After releasing Glimpse at Mix 11, Glimpse has become a tool that is used daily by tens of thousands of developers around the world. In this session, youíll learn how to use Glimpse to reveal a complete picture of what is happening within your ASP.NET MVC and WebForms sites, discover what tools are included out of the box, and see how you can easily extend it to suit your needs.

Time: 1:15 PM Sunday    Room: Hearthside Lounge 

The Speaker(s)

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Anthony van der Hoorn

Co-founder / Developer Advocate , Glimpse / Red Gate

Anthony van der Hoorn is a co–founder of Glimpse, and a regular speaker on such topics as Open Source, Web Practices and Diagnostics for the Web.