5:00 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014session

MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Session describes the basic components that make up the MySQL Enterprise Monitor product.

About This Session

MySQL Enterpriser Monitor : MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a companion product for MySQL Server that monitors your MySQL instances, notifies you of potential issues and problems, and advises you how to fix the issues. MySQL Enterprise Monitor can monitor all kinds of configurations, from a single MySQL instance that is important to your business, all the way up to a huge farm of database server machines powering a busy web site.

Time: 5:00 PM Saturday    Room: 4305 

The Speaker(s)

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Sastry Vedantam

Principal Technical Consultant , Oracle

Sastry Has experience in Databases, Middle ware products with 17 years of experience. Currently working for oracle as Sr Sales Consultant for MySQL.