9:00 AM Sunday
Town Square C
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017session

Agile Appetizer

Lost the appetite for Agile approaches? Never had the appetite? Don't actually know what "Agile" is all about? Perfect! Here's a quick appetizer to get you to that point of going "Oh, yum! More please!"

About This Session

Ever met a resistant team? Or managers who say “Agile doesn’t work.” Or executives who think that agile is some kind of get-to-market-quick magic? Well, consider they have no actual idea what agile is. Why would they if no-one has ever explained it to them properly? Worse, their misunderstanding serves as their context during training and coaching and never getting any benefit, preventing successful agile transformations. Andrew Webster calls it “Agile PTSD.”

In this session, you’ll get a deeper insight into the wisdom of agile practices, learning how to shift people’s context for agile development so they see it as a huge exciting opportunity instead of another thing they’ve got to handle when they’re already way too busy.

We’ll cover a set of “dimensions” that explain:
•    Why agile practices are inevitable
•    Why up to 70% of people hate their work and how agile practices can transform that
•    How a company benefits financially from using agile approaches
•    How to make sense of work and thereby improve the product, the process, and workers’ experience
•    And more!
We know agile development is "the difference maker." Now let’s make that difference!

Time: 9:00 AM Sunday    Room: Town Square C 

The Speaker(s)

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Andrew Webster

Organizational Coach and Trainer , WCS (Wisdom at Work)

Agile to the bone! Available to cause a quantum leap in value anywhere there are humans at work.