2:00 PM Sunday
Fireside C
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017session

Bitcoin Blockchain - New Money

Blockchain has enabled birth of widely used cryptocurrency. Come to the session to learn all about money and how new money is changing financial markets. You will see live demos, code and learn how to write new apps.

About This Session

Learning history of MONEY, let us discuss new money, digital money. We will discuss blockchain that powers new currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. We will go over how new money is created and distributed. We will also cover a practical example of send/receive of digital money using digital wallet. In this session, you will learn how you can build your block chain network and develop new apps. Emerging usage of block chain will be discussed. We will go over demos of several technologies in this session. These demos will help you understand how technology is evolving. You will learn how cryptology and distributed trust form core of technology. You will gather new ideas to develop your own app as well. In the end, we will cover future of new money. We will discuss what we can do stay prepared. This will be an useful session for all who want to know cryprocurrency, block chain technology and new usage that is going to change financial markets of future.

Time: 2:00 PM Sunday    Room: Fireside C 

The Speaker(s)

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Sunil Sabat

Senior Director , BigID

I am principal technical alliance manager at Informatica. I have presented paper at Silicon Valley Code Camp. I also offer big data training and blog at bigdataknowhow.weebly.com. I am MS(Comp Eng.), MS( Comp. Sc) and MBA. My passion is to learn new software and hardware technologies and solve practical use cases for the benefit of businesses, governments and people in general. I want to give back to community in many ways I can.