5:00 PM Saturday
Town Square C
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017session

Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure

Learn how to deploy enterprise blockchain solution on Azure, understand Microsoft Cloud-specific constructs to enable next-generation blockchain solutions (cryptlets), and glance into the future of blockchain on Azure.

About This Session

In this talk, we will define how enterprise chains work differently from public chains and will demonstrate how you can get started with enterprise blockchain solutions in Microsoft Cloud. We will then dive into cryptlets, which are Microsoft Cloud-specific constructs providing common and approachable way for developers to integrate blockchain solutions into existing systems, secure execution and data, and enable privacy and scalability. Finally, we'll review the features of Microsoft Coco Framework and look at the roadmap of blockchain support on Azure.

Time: 5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Town Square C 

The Speaker(s)

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Eugene Chuvyrov

Sr. Cloud Architect , Microsoft

Cloud Architect at Microsoft focused on accelerating modern DevOps, Machine Learning and Blockchain.