5:00 PM Saturday
Town Square C
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018session

Human Learning: How We Learn & Why it Matters

Understanding how humans learn helps us inform, teach, and communicate better. Find out how to apply research to create better docs, videos, and presentations.

About This Session

Learning how people (not machines) learn is not something we're taught in school, or what we were told is not backed by scientific evidence. Understanding how we learn, from a scientific point of view, helps us better communicate information to others so it will be understood and remembered.

We'll start with laying down an evidence-based foundation by looking at how we take in and process information in working memory and, if we're lucky, gets stored in long-term memory. Like salmon returning to where they were born, getting the information into long-term memory is an upstream struggle, so we'll see ways to make that process easier by having images and words work together instead of fighting each other.

We'll then learn why forgetting is a good thing; mixing things up instead of cramming makes improves remembering; and attack some of the myths of learning. We'll find out there's the good way of making brains work hard during learning as well as bad ways, and see how learning is similar to isolating muscles when strength training.

You'll see examples along the way that will demonstrate applying this research and you'll come away with solid tips to confidently improve technical documentation, training manuals, video courses, and presentation slides.

Time: 5:00 PM Saturday    Room: Town Square C 

The Speaker(s)

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Ted Young

Trainer and Coding Mentor , Spiral Learning, LLC

Coding Coach and Trainer: Java, Spring, TDD, and Agile.