Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Dave Nugent

About Dave
Dave is an IBM Developer Advocate for Cognitive, Data and Analytics who currently runs the ForwardJS conference and SF JavaScript meetup In his free time he likes debugging JavaScript code and eating donuts.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift

    2:15 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside A

    In this session, David will give an overview of modern application development and deployment through containers and Kubernetes, and how Red Hat OpenShift enables containerized, orchestrated microservices.

    We’ll cover:
    - What is Kubernetes and why is it useful?
    - How does Kubernetes help my application scale?
    - What are microservices good for?
    - What best practices does OpenShift recommend?
    - What are the benefits of Hybrid and Multi-cloud?

  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble - Kubernetes Vs. Red Hat OpenShift

    2:15 PM Sunday   Room: Fireside A

    In this fun, debate-style session you will learn what are the differences and pros and cons using Kubernetes vs Red Hat OpenShift. Join Marek Sadowski and Dave Nugent as they debate each other on Kubernetes vs Red Hat OpenShift and share in which situations one technology is more appropriate than the other. We will debate and you will learn about:
    1) deploying your apps;
    2) managing your apps;
    3) day to day operations;
    4) security

    The main take away for the participant would be good knowledge on the most popular Containers technology, as well as when to use default Kubernetes or RedHat OpenShift for containers orchestration management.

    Speakers:    Marek Sadowski   Dave Nugent