Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Marek Sadowski

About Marek
Marek Sadowski is a full stack developer advocate, a robotics startup founder and an entrepreneur. He has about 20 year experience in consulting largest enterprises in USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa as a senior engineer and an IT architect in mobile, web, Java and integration technologies. As a graduate from the International Space University Marek pioneered in a research on VR goggles for the virtual reality system to control robots on Mars in NASA Ames. He founded a startup to deliver robotics solutions and services for space, military, and industrial sectors. Marek moved to Silicon Valley to promote IoT and robotics solutions driven in Swift, Node.js, Node.RED by mobile, AI and Cloud.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Serverless Swift - for Effective Backend as a Service

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside B

    So you've been hearing a lot of buzz about Serverless tech in conjunction with Containers and Mobile, but what exactly is Serverless - and the OpenWhisk Open Source Apache project? Come find out at this session. Serverless has become the new style of coding, and it might be perfect to offload your mobile apps, and container based systems without incurring unnecessary costs.
    Get an intro into serverless/function-as-a-service/cloud native technologies in the Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) context and learn why startups and enterprises are so excited about using it. We will be demoing Serverless and containers in Swift and iOS, and covering the following:
    - Who are the players in the serverless ecosystem
    - What are some use cases for serverless and container based solutions
    - with MBaaS as one of them
    - Best practices for the serverless with the container system architecture for MBaaS
    - If going serverless is really faster, better, cheaper for developers and organizations
    - Live coding examples using Swift (additional languages on request from audience)

  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble - Kubernetes Vs. Red Hat OpenShift

    2:15 PM Sunday   Room: Fireside A

    In this fun, debate-style session you will learn what are the differences and pros and cons using Kubernetes vs Red Hat OpenShift. Join Marek Sadowski and Dave Nugent as they debate each other on Kubernetes vs Red Hat OpenShift and share in which situations one technology is more appropriate than the other. We will debate and you will learn about:
    1) deploying your apps;
    2) managing your apps;
    3) day to day operations;
    4) security

    The main take away for the participant would be good knowledge on the most popular Containers technology, as well as when to use default Kubernetes or RedHat OpenShift for containers orchestration management.

    Speakers:    Marek Sadowski   Dave Nugent